FraMEPhys Outputs

Alastair Wilson

The Nature of Contingency: Quantum Physics as Modal Realism forthcoming with Oxford University Press, expected end 2019.
Preview: Table of Contents, Preface, first page of Introduction.

“Explanations of and in Time”. Forthcoming in Philosophy Beyond Spacetime, eds. Chris Wüthrich, Baptiste Le Bihan and Nick Huggett, Oxford University Press.

“Making Things Up, by Karen Bennett” (Review). Forthcoming in Mind.

“The Quantum Revolution in Philosophy” (Review). Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 2018.

“Super-Humeanism: Insufficiently Naturalistic and Insufficiently Explanatory”Metascience27(3):427-431, 2018.

Katie Robertson

“Asymmetry, Abstraction, and Autonomy: Justifying Coarse-Graining in Statistical Mechanics”. Forthcoming in The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.

“Stars and steam engines: To what extent do thermodynamics and statistical mechanics apply to self-gravitating systems?”. Forthcoming in Synthèse.