Alastair Wilson

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Katie Robertson

  1. “In Search of the Holy Grail: How to Reduce the Second Law of Thermodynamics”, forthcoming in The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.
  2. “Asymmetry, Abstraction, and Autonomy: Justifying Coarse-Graining in Statistical Mechanics”, forthcoming in The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.
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Michael Townsen Hicks

  1. “How Chance Explains” (with Alastair Wilson), forthcoming in Noûs.
  2. “Breaking the Explanatory Circle”, forthcoming in Philosophical Studies.
  3. “Isolation Not Locality” (with Heather Demarest), forthcoming in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.

Noelia Iranzo Ribera

  1. PhD thesis title: “Causal Modelling and Metaphysics of Causation in Physics”.

Nicholas Emmerson

  1. PhD thesis title: “Metaphysical Explanation and Manipulation”.