2020 FraMEPhys Seminars

Below is the schedule for visiting speaker talks hosted by the FraMEPhys project currently scheduled for 2020. These talks are held from 2-4pm on Tuesdays, usually in the ERI Building, University of Birmingham. For talks hosted on Zoom, please use the contact form on this site to request access.

Tuesday 21 January 2020: David Papineau (King’s College London) – “The Seductions of Interventionism”. ERI G52.

Tuesday 04 February 2020: Andreas Huttemann (Cologne) – “Laws of Nature and their Modal Surface Structure . Muirhead Tower 427 (R21 on Campus Map)

Tuesday 18 February 2020: Luke Fenton-Glynn (UCL) – “Probabilistic Actual Causation”. ERI 149

Monday 22 June 2020: Paul Naeger (Munster) – “How Quantum Mechanics Solves the Causal Problem of Entanglement”. Via Zoom.

POSTPONED: Siegfried Jaag (HHU Dusseldorff) – “A Puzzle about Laws and Explanation”.

POSTPONED: Jo Wolff (Edinburgh) – Title TBC.