18 Feb: Luke Fenton-Glynn (UCL), "Probabilistic Actual Causation"

Next up in our 2020 FraMEPhys Seminar series, Luke Fenton-Glynn (UCL) will give a talk entitled “Probabilistic Actual Causation” at the University of Birmingham in Tuesday 18 February, 2-4pm in ERI 149 (G3 on the campus map).

ABSTRACT: Actual (token) causation – the sort of causal relation asserted to hold by claims like the Chicxulub impact caused the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event, Mr. Fairchild’s exposure to asbestos caused him to suffer mesothelioma, and the H7N9 virus outbreak was caused by poultry farmers becoming simultaneously infected by bird and human ’flu strains – is of significance to scientists, historians, and tort and criminal lawyers. Progress has been made in explicating the actual causal relation in the deterministic case by means of the use of structural equations models and causal graphs. I seek to make similar progress concerning the probabilistic case by using probabilistic causal models and associated causal graphs

Earlier on the same day, from 1130-1230 in ERI 159, Luke will be present at a reading group where we will have a preliminary discussion of the above paper prior to the talk. All are welcome to either or both meetings.

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