FraMEPhys Seminars 2019

Below is the schedule for visiting speaker talks hosted by the FraMEPhys project in Spring 2019. Meetings will be held 3.00-5.00pm on Mondays in the ERI building (G3 on the University of Birmingham campus map). All are welcome.

11 February: Emily Adlam (BRCP, Leipzig) – “A Tale of Two Anachronisms”

25 February: Antonio Vassallo (Barcelona) – “Dependence Relations in General Relativity”

11 March: Laura Felline (Roma Tre) – “Structural Explanation in Physics”

Postponed: Matt Farr (Cambridge) – “Do We Need to Explain Initial Conditions?”

20 May: Patricia Palacios (Salzburg) – “Re-defining Equilibrium for Long-Range Interacting Systems”

3 June: Mark Pexton (Durham) – “Unification, Reduction and Emergence in Condensed Matter Physics”