Announcement: Warsaw Spacetime Colloquium 2020/2021 (online)

The Colloquium focuses on the foundations of spacetime physics broadly construed, and will be held fortnightly on Zoom (16:00-18:00 CET).

The program for the winter semester is the following:

  • 2 October – Carlo Rovelli (Aix-Marseille University) – “Why can we decide what we shall do tomorrow, but we cannot decide what we did yesterday? Time reversibility and the physics of an agent”
  • 16 October – J. Brian Pitts (University of Cambridge) – “Change in observables in Hamiltonian general relativity”
  • 30 October – James Read (University of Oxford) – “Shifts and reference”
  • 13 November – Karen Crowther (University of Oslo) and Sebastian De Haro (University of Amsterdam) – “The role of singularities in the search for quantum gravity”
  • 27 November – Claus Kiefer (University of Cologne) – “Time in quantum gravity”
  • 11 December – Radin Dardashti (University of Wuppertal) – “The rise and fall of scientific problems”
  • 8 January – Karim Thébault (University of Bristol) – “On the structure of time in physical theory”
  • 22 January – Vera Matarese (Univ ersity of Bern) – “Spacetime the many substances”

People interested in attending the Colloquium can register by sending a
message to Antonio Vassallo (

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